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Young system

For more comfort beginning of game all of appearing in the world of Ultima Online novices has status of "young player", granting them some rights and privileges. We will bring information over about it as questions/answers:

Q: How is it possible to know, a player is young?
A: All of "young players" can be known on a postscript [young] after the name of character.

Q: That do I need for the receipt of status of "young player"?
A: Your character is considered a "young player", if:
- total time, conducted in a game all of characters of your account, does not exceed a 50 hours of the real time;
- not at one of characters of your account the sum of values of skills does not exceed 400.

Q: What advantages are got by a "young player"?
A: Advantages:
- young player can not cause harm other players;
- other players can not cause harm young players;
- hostile creations in Trammel (town Haven) do not attack young players first (an exception is made by quest monsters);
- in the case of death young player moved to the healer automatically. A healer automatically will revive a young player and if to run away a bit and walk up again, a healer will recover his health fully;
- young player does not lose the things;
- young players can not collect objects from the body of monster, if they did not kill him or 2 minutes did not pass from the moment of murder;
- over players can not loot a monster which was killing young player;
- young players can not steal for other players or NPC;
- young players can to log off in any place instantly (as if they were in a hotel).
- Felucca (such towns as Britain, Minoc, Vesper, Trinsik, Bucs Den, Serpent Hold) is closed for players with Young status.

Q: How can I lose status of "young player"?
A: It is possible in the followings cases:
- total time, conducted in a game all of characters of your account (but not time, conducted in a game every character separately) attained or exceeded 50 hours;
- any of characters of your account have sum of values of skills became more than 400;
- any of characters of your account was kill other players or NPCs and got murderer status.
Also you can to give up the described status, for this purpose it is enough to pronounce in the game of "I renounce my young player status" (without quotation marks).

Q: That for the "New player ticket" is found in my backpack? And that is it possible to do with him?
A: At first you must find other young player which has the same ticket. When you will find other young player, double click on your ticket and one click on other ticket. You will see the list of prizes which you can choose from. Simpler than all to do it in the window of trade - will put both tickets in the window of trade, and then let everybody double click on one ticket and one click on other ticket.


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