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Worlds Kingdom Reborn, Stygian Abyss and High Seas
1. Trammel - only in this world of the Ultima Online, battles between the players are not permitted. On our server it is the city New Heaven and Heartwood (enter: up from Old Haven, blue pyramid). Your first steps in Kingdom Reborn world will begin from this city - New Heaven.

2. Felucca - it is the oldest world of Ultima Online. There are present all classical cities, in Magnicia - The New Baazar. The strongest monsters in the game - Champions, live in the caves of this world. To enter into this world you will be able only after lose your Young status.

The Lost Lands are connected to the main lands of the Felucca by the old portal in Moonglow and Papua (Papua). Total in Lost Land 2-a city: Papua and Delucia.

3. Malas - world of the "Light and Dark". There are two cities - Luna (city of paladins) and Umbra (city of necromants). In this world you can find the most dangerous place - Doom, and a legendary boss - Dark Father.
The Forgotten Pyramid is in Desert of Malas. There is The Sphynx.

4. Ilshenar - fairytale world, here you can find many different animals and monsters. There are no cities, but the camps here are present, with the bankers and another NPC. Map Ilshenar.

5. Tokuno Island's - "japanese world", and Zento city - is the capital of this world. Here you can find Ninja`s and Ronin`s, and other representatives of japanese flora and fauna.
Your home here will be completely safe.

6. Ter Mur

Cities & Towns

* Royal City, home of the Queen's Palace;
* Holy City


* Tomb of Kings: entry from Holy City;
* Stygian Abyss Dungeon: entry from dungeon Tomb of Kings;
* Underworld.

by Tupa.

World Map


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