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Urban Guildwars
UG (Urban Guildwars) - game focused on PVP in usual city conditions.

The essence of game is concluded in necessity to grasp and keep in current of 45 minutes so-called WAYPOINTS which are located in city Serpent's Hold.

In game can participate only members of guilds. Game lasts eternally, does not demand start and control GM (Masters of Game).

You must have at least a 1 PvP point to start capturing.

Grasped and having kept in the possession both waypoint'a 75 minutes, the guild receives in the award of 30.000 - 50.000 gold coins, then waypoints disappear for 10-100 minutes (time is defined by casual).
After occurrence waypoints game renews.

Members of guilds that are allyed cannot take control of a waypoint already taken by other alliance guild.

The statistics of captures is displayed on a site in the Rating.


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