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Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss: ships

Boats allow players to travel across the seas of Britannia.
Put the boat on the water you can from any dock with the exception of land Trammel.

They are subject to decay in the same way that houses are, and will sink if left alone too long (about 5 days).

Boats may be purchased from players or NPC Shipwrights in most towns, usually ones near oceans or large bodies of water.

Each type of boat has a hold that players can store items in, up to 400 stones or 125 items, whichever comes first. The hold cannot be locked, so anyone able to get on-board the boat can access the hold. The hold is located at the front of the boat inside the hatch. When a boat sinks due to decay, any items stored in the hold will simply float motionless in a pile on top of the water where the boat sank free to be salvaged by any passers-by.


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