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Unique features of a server and additional changes

  • The world: As the server has PVP (Player vs Player), the geography of world Trammel is changed and limited only to island Haven (and town Heartwood). In all worlds PK`s (Player Killers) access is resolved. For fans of HARDCORE PvP what come to us from servers of class SphereServer world Chaos is created.

  • The world: Serpent Hold city has GZ (guard zone) and is a place of permamently open PVP game Urban Guildwars.
  • There is a possibility to capture a city and the markets (see this on Capture of Cities);

    On a server the System of encouragement of the manual skills gain which reason consists in that skills grow much faster if to swing their most moving on the world, rather than standing on 1 place on a macro.
  • During an hour of force your abilities and stats grow much faster (see this on Hour of force).

  • On a server restriction in sum gain skills (skillscap), equal 700 points. For stats restriction is equal 225 (statcap). Sum restriction of stats it is possible to lift a maximum to 250, for this purpose it is necessary to use Stat Scroll of Power. To extract such scroll it is possible, having killed the Super Champion "The Harrower". Exist +5 +10 +15 +20 and +25 Stat Scroll of Power.
  • During a finding in game you can increase the skillcap (the maximum sum of skills). After 3 months of a finding in online you skillcap will increase by 10 units, through 6 on 20, through 9 on 30, and in 365 days on 50 and becomes equal 750. And also for online in game to you crones, with calculation 1 crone for 10 days in game are charged.
  • Finding possibility in the status of the beginner (young) is increased from 40 o'clock till 50 o'clock.

  • December 16, 2016: All accounts are stored 1 year. If during the year you didn't come into a game, your account will be removed - on December 16 (every year). Account recovery = 20 credits: the character and his characteristics + basic items in case of it.
    How to restore the account?
    - Create the new account and the character on him
    - Write e-mail to the Administrator of the project: what account it is necessary to restore and your new account.
    You can also freeze your character, his house and all things. Cost - 5 credits per account.
    To do this, write e-mail to the Administrator of the project with and a name of the necessary account.

  • We on the server have an opportunity to use skill of the bard: Musical mysteries of the Bard.
  • Magic: Spell Reactive Armor works old style - can absorb certain quantity of damages (depends on size of skill Magery) reflecting damages on attacking, then collapses. After destruction should pass certain time after which it will be possible to say this spell again.
  • During pronouncing of spells it is impossible to move, exception: Chivalry.

  • Vaults: Twisted Weald, the quest giver in Heartwood now.
  • Vaults: the system of loss of artefacts in vault Doom Gauntlet Is changed in such a manner that killing bosses in this vault gradually your chance of artefact receptions, by a principle of reception Tokuno of artefacts will increase. More in detail, each player taking part in murder of bosses will accumulate bonus points (under the formula bonus = 1500 / amount_of_players) which are summarised with its earlier saved up bonus points. The chance of artefact reception depends now not only on good luck, but also from value of the given bonus and is equal for boss Dark Father: chance = (1500 + luck + allbonus) / 100000, and for other bosses: chance = (750 + (luck / 2) + allbonus) / 100000, thus in case of successful reception of an artefact bonus points are nulled. It is possible to look in discussion at a forum in more details.

  • There is a possibility of insurance of the things which in case of death do not fall in a corpse (see the item Insurance).
  • Things left do not remove in the house if them not locked (see this in Home ownership).
  • Capacity of characters backpack and at pack of animals on weight - is infinite. When user is overload items do not fall on the earth.
  • On the ships grows only fishing skill. Other skills grow extremely slowly.

  • On our server regular tournaments are held (including auto-tournaments), quests and other actions, between which you can pass which static quests in breaks on our server more than 100. look at the schedule of tournaments.
  • The delay on Bulk Order Deeds (BOD) on our server varies and depends on total of players on a server (see this at Bulk Order Deeds)


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