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Rune Book
The Rune Book is very necessary and important object for any traveller.

For a long time of your journeys, many runes are accumulated in the players backpack. They can be placed into the Rune Book.
- The book can contain 16 runes. For adding new runes into the Rune Book, you must to move a rune on the Rune Book (The book must be closed), done!
- For using this book you will be required the Recall scrolls, by which you need to charge the book.
- The Rune Books can be renamed, after clicking on the yellow crystal(Rename book) on the right side.
- All books of runes have a property - "blessed" and do not disappear after death, and they cannot be stolen.


- The books are made by character with the inscription skill (more than 45).
- If you want to craft the Rune Book it is necessary: 8 blank scrolls, 1 recall scroll, 1 gate travel scrolls, blank rune.
- Use scribe pen and select in the menu - Other\Runebook.
- A quantity of charges in the book can be from 5 to 20. If your Inscription skill is high, you can made the book of exceptional quality, which will have more maximum charges. In the usual books a quantity of charges from 5 to 18, in the books of exceptional quality - from 16 to 20.
- If you are GM of Inscription, your name will appear at the book (if you made the book of exceptional quality).


- In the left upper angle is indicated the current quantity of charges in the Rune book.
- Near the names of runes is located the recall button.
- After clicking on the brown crystal on the contary of each runes, it is possible to travel in each of this locations by the Recall spell, using one of the charges of Rune book.

Other different buttons:
- Large yellow button - with the coordinates of the selected place for the travel in this place.
- Drop rune - take the rune from the book.
- Recall and Sacred Journey - for the Recall spell you will need the reagents, for Sacred Journey - Tithin Points.
- Gate Travel - it will open the gates to selected lacation.
After each use of Rune Book is necessary for a while for its recharge.
- Set Default - this button serves for the selection of default rune. After this you can cast the spell (Recall, Sacred Journey or Gate Travel) and by clicking on the Rune Book, you can travel in default locations.


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