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Races Ultima Online
One of first choices there is a choice of race at creation of playing character in Ultima Online. In all for choice 3 races - Humans, Elves and Gorgulies different from each other some innate abilities are accessible.

Racial Abilities Elves

Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. Race Elf

Night Sight
Elves always have the effect of a full strength Night Sight spell.

Infused with Magic
Elves have an increased energy resistance cap. Elven players must still increase their actual resistances through normal means (i.e. through equipment and magical effects).

Knowledge of Nature
Elves receive an increase to their chance of acquiring special resources such as colored ore when mining or special boards when lumberjacking.

Difficult to Track
Elves are more difficult to track than humans.

Elves gain an increased chance to passively detect hidden monsters and enemies.

Elves receive a bonus to their maximum mana.

Racial Abilities Humans

Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. Race: Humans

Strong Back
Humans have an increased carrying capacity above what is determined by their strength.

Humans regenerate hit points faster than normal.

Humans have a better chance at finding more resources while gathering hides, ore and lumber.

Jack of All Trades
Humans have a basic ability in all skills, even untrained ones.

Quickly change the race of elf on the human, or vice versa is possible by Race Change Deed, you can get it in the Private Office in the game or website: Private Office.


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