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Profession Titles
Skill List

Skill Title
Alchemy Alchemist
Anatomy Healer
Animal Lore Ranger
Animal Taming Tamer
Archery Archer
Arms Lore Warrior
Begging Beggar
Blacksmithy Smith
Bowcraft/Fletching Bowyer
Bushido Samurai
Camping Ranger
Carpentry Carpenter
Cartography Cartographer
Chivalry Paladin
Cooking Chef
Detecting Hidden Scout
Discordance Bard
Evaluating Intellegence Scholar
Fencing Fencer
Fishing Fisherman
Focus Stoic
Forensic Evaluation Detective
Healing Healer
Herding Shepherd
Hiding Rogue
Inscription Scribe
Item Identification Merchant
Lockpicking Rogue
Lumberjacking Lumberjack
Mace Fighting Armsman
Magery Mage
Meditation Stoic
Mining Miner
Musicianship Bard
Necromancy Necromancer
Ninjitsu Ninja
Parrying Warrior
Peacemaking Bard
Poisoning Assassin
Provocation Bard
Remove Trap Rogue
Resisting Spells Mage
Snooping Pickpocket
Spellweaving Arcanist
Spirit Speak Medium
Stealing Pickpocket
Stealth Rogue
Swordsmanship Swordsman
Tactics Warrior
Tailoring Tailor
Taste Identification Chef
Tinkering Tinker
Tracking Ranger
Veterinary Veterinarian
Wrestling Wrestler

I have "X" as my profession title and I really want "Y" - how do I change it?
The profession title displayed on your paperdoll is your highest skill in "real" or unmodified skill. This part can't be changed. If you're a GM Blacksmith, and you have 50 Tinkering, you can't get Tinkering to display on your paperdoll.

In the event of a tie, however, you have more control. The displayed title will be the first skill in alphabetical order that is marked "up" in the skill window. If they're all locked or set to "down", the displayed title will simply be the first one in alphabetical order. For example, if you have 100 Blacksmithing and 100 Tinkering and you want your title to be "Grandmaster Tinker," lock Blacksmithing and leave Tinkering set to rise.


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