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Server Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss and High Seas: 2D and 3D clients
Update: Ultima Online RUNUO Reborn


Our server Ultima Online (RUNUO) running on the latest client Here you can download and play clients Ultima Online:
UO 2D and 3D: Stygian Abyss and High Seas

Download and play Ultima Online 2D and 3D Enhanced clients.

Beautiful renovated world OSI Style Ultima Online. Modern technologies. New graphics. International (english and russian) speaking community.
Battle of Chaos and Order powers in UO. A lot of quests. This is a small part of what is waiting for you on our free server Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss and High Seas in Russia.
kingdomreborn.ru - is an opportunity to become absorbed in good old world of Ultima Online Ultima Online RUNUO: Stygian Abyss, High Seas, TOL and experience it from completely new, unknown before part. You can play absolutely free on our server. There are 3 race of characters on the server and you can choose any corresponding to your taste and style. Presence of skillcap also makes world more varied and allows to develop your character in your own style. Mutual aid, nessesity of group efforts and support of different race let you make friends with other players - sly and dexterous ninjas, powerful warriors... appraise art of magery, fight with necromant's hordes of undead...Ultima Online RUNUO: Stygian Abyss, High Seas, TOL Skillcap stimulates trade, combination different crafts with other skills of characters. There is a lot of attention paid to develop commerse between players. Hunt for various beautiful and fierce monsters attracts a lot of people addicted to PVM. Explore ancient dungeons and dark graveyards! Look for treasures, but fear furious dragons and traps in labyrinths... and also PK Addicted to combat can fight each other, join powerful guilds and participate in battles of chaos and order powers. A lot of tournaments allow everyone test their skill, fight with each other and get prizes.
Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss, High Seas, TOL
Those who want to help development of the server have opportunity to make

Welcome to our server!
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