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27.12.2013, 19:53 - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Dear players !

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
I wish you happiness and joy, nice game and good loot !


This year we have significantly reworked gifts. Players that celebrate New Year on our server will receive unique items. Also players will receive gifts on Christmas
Gifts will receive characters whose age is not less than 30 days.
Santas, that are in Luna and at the Heaven's bank, significantly updated with new goods. As always, Christmas trees and Santa Claus will be removed at spring.
fir-trees were updated with 2 forms - one with the same form , but without decorations (bare) - in case if you want to decorate it.

Do not forget to participate in our annual lottery - to get a unique home away from Staff.
You will receive keys after holidays
Shrouds by the total of the rating - also after holidays.

What will bring us New Year?
We plan to complete finally the Dungeon SA.
After holidays fish quests will be open from HS.
Planning to make a film - tale about our server , we hope that players will help us in it.
And also continue our growth and development of new products by OSI.

And yes, we cut spawns in the dungeon where Travesti dwells at the Citadel.

All fixes that were uploaded recently:

1. Fixed cannons on galleons . Now they can also cause damage and old (small) boats - Boat.
2. Fixed completely Target system for 3D client.
3. Tweaked spider Navrey.
4. Fixed drop of the "empty" random Talisman
5. Double Strike ability will now work on the Doom artifact - The Berserker's Maul. And also rewritten all the ability system to OSI. If the picture does not match somewhere - inform.
6. Fixed quest deer Bravehorn, now it does not matter how muchfree slots you have for pets.
7. Christmas gifts prepared by OSI.
8. For New Year's Auction performed by OSI:

- King's Collection Theme Pack
- Secret Chest
9. Fixed Naturalist Quest.

Thank you for being with us, balancing and changes will continue with your help.

Always with you
Aniel (on vacation)
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