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30.12.2011, 09:34 - The winners of the 2011 ratings
The outcome of the 2011 ratings following people were awarded with the Shroud of the Abyss:

1. The BEST in PvM 2011 - Morti

2. The BEST in PvP 2011 - Konte De'VazuI

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28.12.2011, 09:32 - Happy holidays!
Dear players!

We congratulate you with upcoming holidays!
Have a nice weekends and luck gameplay.


We had a hard year, and not everyone survived up to day, but every cloud has it silver linen, and the winter has come =)
And of course we have a new developer ... Nemo. And nevertheless, Aniel will continue to contribute to our project.
We had several restarts - we've been testing new client version Ultima Online "High Seas"
Everything should work correctly after New Year feast.

What will you get in new year?
New Market place, new locations and possibilities.
But this will come soon.
For now:

1. In Heaven and Luna we have colorful Santa Claus and Grandfather Frost.
You have a chance to buy a christmas tree, and numerous presents in box, gift package for friends and other new year stuff.

2. Tomorrow the awarding of PvP and PvM ratings will be held.
The Shroud of Abyss is wating for them! Afterwards, the ratings will be zero up to the next Year.
Do not forget - to update your rating after fixing Statistics and Ratings you should re-login the game.

3. During the 1st January night: there's a big lottery drawing.
The prize is an unusual House, decorated by our Stuff members.
Look for your pockets for the key.
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