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20.12.2007, 13:09 - Server Update
Dear players, after server update new changes took place:
• Announced earlier changes in house protection system now working - house protection works only on territory of Tokuno;
• Now you are able to catch White Pearls in the sea;
• CTF, DD and UG were added on website ratings;
• On tournaments CTF and DD now you receive 3 personal points for each kill;
• PvP and PvM ratings were added, you can find more information on the website, and now you already can see rating title and number of points in format "PvP/PvM";
• Now Bushido can be trained no matter what is your Parrying skill is, (but, I want to note that chance to parry the blow depends on your Parrying skill - formula);
• 2 people already became owners of Shroud of Abyss by winning them in instant lottery;
• We want to remind you about our yearly lottery, where you can win professionally build and designed castle on the open island (1 2 3 4);

P.S. Since the beginning of the week we are on top of the rating!
Thank you for choosing our server and for voting for it daily!
Author: Jeremy   |  Comments: 0
11.12.2007, 04:23 - IP Address
Dear players, after update of our server new changes took place:

• Our IP address has been changed:, port: 7777. Change it in the file login.cfg;
• For UO:KR (3D) users in Files section shared for download new client version for playing on our server.
Author: Jeremy   |  Comments: 0
05.12.2007, 10:10 - Server Update
Dear players, after update of our server new changes took place:

• Our IP address has been changed:, port: 7777. Change it in the file login.cfg;
• Server has been updated to the latest version of the client (UO:ML & UO:KR) - all players have to update their client (this can be done by running out update file uopatch.exe);
• In section "Files" available for download new version of Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn client on our server -;
• From now on to log in to Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy you don't need to run Razor or download modified client from our website - now our server able to use official client, so to log in all you need is to change file login.cfg.

• Chance to win Abyss Shroud in instant lottery rose by 10 times!
• New rewards added Runic Tools and Power Scrolls;
• From now on rewards are not Blessed, but Blessed For - mean while status Blessed works for all characters on account;
• Now a potion of "acceleration of skill growth" with factor of growth 100% for 30 minutes, lasts 60 minutes and increases growth by 300%.

• ÅÒ - weekly tournaments now will take place once a week, on Saturday at 9:00 pm, changes in prizes and rules available on website "Library";
• Tournaments "Capture The Flag" and "Double Domination" from now on will be fully automatic. Schedule for CTF every even day at 10:00 pm, schedule for DD every uneven day at 10:00 pm;
• Prizes for DD and CTF tournaments were changed, game lasts for 45 minutes, auto-team-balance is available in the game. For more informations about changes in tournaments you can find out on website in section "Library".

• December announced as a month of PVP (Player VS Player) - we will make sure players have as much PvP as possible:
• Town Serpent's Hold and Ocllo now announced as PvP towns;
• In Serpent's Hold town started a new event called "Urban Guildwars" - in different locations of the town located waypoints for one hour "of waypoint hold" guild receives 50000 gold coins. After capture of the town, waypoints disappear for 10-60 minutes (timer is random). We keep statistics of capturing, which will be available on the website soon! Good luck!
• On markets, again we allow to attack players (notice that market is not a part of the town);
• From now on you can use public portals only if your stats are full (hit points, mana, stamina;

• For the nest 3 days power hour will be available for 3 hours from 15.00 to 18.00 (GMT), remind you that during power hour skills grow with factor of 100%, accounts with "professional pack" don't have "anti-macro" restrictions;
• New players don't join fractions automatically;
• House defense from strangers, and commands kick & ban from the house now work only on island territories Tokuno. Lock your doors!
Author: Jeremy   |  Comments: 0
04.12.2007, 15:30 - Server started!
Dear The Abyss users - server up!
Do not forgot update your client-side software (just launch uopatch.exe) and change IP address in login.cfg file to Port - 7777.
UO:KR users need to patch client (just launch uopatch.exe) and download new abyss.exe file.
Author: Jeremy   |  Comments: 0
04.12.2007, 01:20 - Long Break
Dear The Abyss users. For the first time for 6.5 years of work we had such long break with working capacity. Many of you have chosen Abyss because of stability and you had to be fidgety. Take our apologies. We had a unexpected technical failure to which we were not ready and we even were unable to describe on time a course of carried out works and keep posted events. Officially we declare, that all that nonsense which have appeared on different resources - hearings. Now we again with you, all mail, all accounts, all other current questions - everything, everything, all was kept: do not worry. We completely resume our work and all questions will be considered in as much as possible fast terms. Once again excuse for the caused compelled inconveniences. We too have become bored and too are very glad to see you again.
Author: Masamune


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