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15.11.2020, 23:36 - Updates next week
Dear players!

Next week we are going to do some work in our world UO KR.

1. Cleaning the open Bazaar in Magincia.
- stall without traders will be removed.
- signs for hiring stalls will be reset.
This is necessary for correct work of the automatic system for freeing stalls.
Therefore, if you have trade stalls without vendors, it's time to set on them.

2. On the server there will be deleted empty accounts (without chars).
If you have created a new account, do not forget to log in and create a character on it in the coming days.

3. Accounts with characters that haven't logged in the game for more than 2 years will be deleted.
If you would like to continue playing on our server, you need to log in the game in the next couple of days or write to me by mail - about the reservation of your accounts. It's free.

Write your questions to me by any means.
Author: Assa
30.10.2020, 00:38 - Updates: ships cannons
Dear players!

Last updates:
1. Quest gumps were reworked.
2. Ships cannons have been significantly reworked. You can again craft their, set on galleons, loading and firing by OSI style.
3. Crafting coloured fishing rods was reworked too.
4. Craft bonuses from coloured resources were adjusted.
5. A crash bug with the Stealth skill was fixed.
Author: Assa
23.10.2020, 21:32 - Halloween 2020
Dear players!

1. Our server has moved on the new client version
You can update your clients yourself then you get the possibility to see the new Halloween items.
You can download the new file client.exe from our site (Files).
The new full client you can download at late.

2. Today we opened Halloween mini-events.
They will be opened on October 23rd to November 8th.

Ultima Online: Halloween 2020

In our world Ultima Online: UOKR you can say "Trick or Treat" to any vendor.
You will have a chance to get something yummy or unusual. Or become the subject of his jokes ;)
Also, you can get staff head on the peak.
If you have 100.0 skill Begging, you will get more interesting surprises.
You can get special items from elven vendors. It will depend on your karma.

Giants pumpkins will grow on the fields of Haven (and in other cities: Britania, Yew, Skara Brae). They will turn into Grimm if you try to pick up them.
If you kill it, you will find a Carvable Pumpkin (orange or green colours) or sometimes a Rotten Pumpkin.
If you use Carving kit on any Carvable Pumpkins, you will get different pumpkin lanterns. Such lanterns will be turned in and turned off (on double-click). Also, they will have a crafter name.

The souls of recently died players activated and turned into Zombie Skeletons on the cemetery of Britania and other cemeteries of Felucca.
You have a chance to get a colour bone chest with player's name and some artifacts.
Also, you can meet there the Butcher. You can find a carving kit into his loot.

Event Grimm Reaper is opened:
This night, all barriers between our and otherworlds are removed, and the gates are opened between them. The souls of the dead visit their former homes to bask at the fire. They roam around collecting food and drink donations from the rest of the family. The souls of the deceased can take on different guises. Together with them, other dark forces appear - demons, brownies, witches. All evil spirits descend to the ground.
To avoid falling prey to the dead shadow, people should stay away from cemeteries and crypts. Indeed, this night there you can meet unseen evil spirits. Desperate daredevils who decide to challenge the dead should know that by their actions they can draw upon themselves the wrath of the most terrible spirit from otherworlds - Death itself (Grim Reaper!).

If you kill a lot of Unseen undead, the Grim Reaper will spawn.
After the death of the Grim Reaper, the player who killed him, with a small chance, can get one of the cursed Doom artifacts, Grim Reaper's Scythe (+ SSI 15%) or other unique artifacts: Conjurer's Grimoire, Conjurer's Trinket and Conjurer's Garb.
Also, 2 recipes (for sewing 2 magic hats) can drop:
- cowl of the mace & shield
- mage's hood of scholarly insight

Updated Events!
"Trick or Treat":
- new types of sweets were added.
- new giant pumpkin "Dragon Jack o'Lantern" was added.
- you can dye the old Giant Pumpkin by Natural Dyes now.
- 3 new pumpkin lanterns were added: funny faces Jack OLanterns.

- Admiral Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale - the new decorate item. You can take it in hand.
- new decorate pumpkin lanterns were added. They will be carved from green, orange and circle pumpkins.
- 4 new Crystal Skulls were added in loot.
This year Jack O'Lantern Helm (head helmet) was added into the Grim Reaper.
the extend: the Harbor Master at the Sea Market has been improved. He can give you now a new rune from your ship if you suddenly lost it. %)
The cannons have also been improved, but not filled in yet, until the movement of ships has been completely corrected.
Author: Assa
23.05.2020, 18:51 - New Doom Artifacts
Dear players!

Introducing the latest updates:

I. New Doom Gauntlet Artifacts and items.

1. Introduced new Doom Artifacts (Doom Dungeon):
- Deceiver
- Glenda
- Bow of the Endless Swarm

Artefacts that you can craft:
(You need recipes from Doom dungeon)
- Britches of Warding (the Blacksmith can do it)
- Gloves of the Feudal Grip (Blacksmith)
- Cuffs of the Archmage (Tailor)
- Bracelet of Initial Consumption (Tinker)

New properties of items have been introduced:
- Bonebreaker
- Hit Sparks
- Hit Swarm

2. New resources:
- Blood of The Dark Father in Doom.
- Permanent boat paint: new permanent paint for galleons (owned by sea traders on ships). The paint is not washed off.
- Raw Serpent Steak can be obtained from sea serpents. You can make excellent grill steaks =>
- Introduced a new craft: Grilled Serpent Steak. The recipes for them will be available to mariners with nets =>
- For this craft: Salt is sold at the Sea Market now.
- And Seasoning for Fish: Fresh Seasoning. It is done very simply:
take some dried herbs and mix with salt.

II. New quest "Journey to the Athenaeum Isle".
The quest is taken from Queen Zhah in Royal City, Ter Mur.
The quest must be completed in order to obtain the Queen's favour and permission to set up a house in Ter Mur.
We didnt make the Queens loyalty system because we found it not very interesting and relevant. Therefore, it will be enough to complete 1 quest.
Well, at the same time we spawned mobs on the Athenaeum Isle.

New NPCs:
- Queen Zhah
- Minion Of Scelestus

III. Other updates:
1. The issuance of rewards was reworked in Fish Quests.
- Fishing rods with different properties were added.
- Loot from Sea Serpents was improved.
2. Trapdoor Spider was improved.
3. Some new types of instant lottery prizes were added.
4. The issuance of rare artifacts from Corgul the Soulbinder has been corrected, and he also has had a new ability now (Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer have too + the Dark Father too).
5. Books from Fish Quests can be donated to the British Library Collection.
6. Now you need to steal something from small chests and other containers in cities.
7. The evolution of Voids has been improved, the locations around the Royal City in Ter Mur have been updated.
Void Daemons will continue to be refined, we are waiting for your feedback.
Author: Assa
13.05.2020, 23:56 - New castles and fortresses. Loyalty Rating points.
Dear players!

We present the latest updates:

I. New castles and fortresses.
1. The new classic houses were added to the Placement Tool:
- Gothic Rose Castle
- Elsa Castle
- Camelot
- Spiers
and others.
The format for displaying the value of all houses has been improved for your convenience.
Because new houses are not cheap at all.

2. The Cheque Book "Bank of Abyss" has been improved:
a) money will be debited from it if you:
- set up a house and customise it;
- use any vendor.
b) the format for displaying money has been improved.
c) the charge points from your Cheque Book will be debited only when cash is withdrawn.
When you are making various payments, the charge points from the book will NOT be debited.

II. Loyalty Rating.
Ultima Online: Context Menu
Your character has a new context menu: Loyalty Rating.
It opens a new gump displaying different character points, such as:
- Karma
- Fame
- PvP/PvM points
- Professional Fisher Quest points
Would you like to have more points displayed?
You can write to me about your ideas.

III. Fishing was improved.
1. You don't have to catch rare fish for Professional Fisher Quest.
2. Professional Fisher Quest Points are displayed now on a new scroll - Loyalty Rating.
3. Lobsters and crabs have correct weight in a pile now.
4. Caught rares (fish, crabs, lobsters): if they have a date and fisher's name, such rares won't be stacked in pile. These caught rares are meant for making trophies.
5. New fish trophies (for decorating houses).
We added new types of fish for making trophies with Taxidermy Kit:
- Crystal Fish
- Fairy Salmon
- Great Barracuda
- Holy Mackerel
- Reaper Fish
- Yellowtail Barracuda
- Dungeon Pike
- Golden Tuna
- Rainbow Fish
- Zombie Fish

IV. Other changes.
1. PvM points gain has been changed in the following locations: 🦊
- Blighted Grove: PvM points aren't gained.
- Doom: PvM points are gained again.
- Lair of Navrey Night-Eyes: PvM points are gained for the first time here.

2. We have started settling and updating the NPC in Ter Mur:
- Location "Lost Settlement": it is forbidden to place any house there.
- the Ortanord changed its colour.
- the Trapdoor Spider knows how to hide now.

3. Open Bazaar: the bug was fixed.
However, stalls and the market itself is still under construction.
Author: Assa


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