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12.03.2021, 21:56 - Hosting works
Dear players!

Today, March 12th, technical works are underway on the hosting, the server will be unavailable for some time.
By the evening, and maybe even earlier, the server will be up.

The work is completed, the server at the same time was moved to the new client version:
The server is available!
Author: Assa
23.02.2021, 21:49 - Congratulations on February 23 Day!
Warriors! Defenders! Reskillers and Monster Rippers!

We congratulate you on February 23 Day!
We wish you good luck in battles, good loot and a great mood!
Our gift to you today is a global server update.
New loot, new BODs, new pet training, Mastery skills and much more awaits you today!

Attention! Today we are fundamentally updating our server, after a restart, rollbacks are possible.
Please stay in a safe place after restart!
Author: Assa
21.02.2021, 17:58 - Server UOKR is going to the global update
Dear players!

We are starting prepare to the most global update in the entire history of the project UO KR.

1. What will be happened in the near time (2 days):
Some things will be removed from the world during the preparation process:
1) All sweets from Halloween events, for example.:
- wrapped candy
- nougat swirl
- jelly beans

2) NPC Adrian will be removed temporarily.
After the server update when we will approach stability in the world we are going to return him as a full-fledged quest.

3) All NPC Void Demons will be removed.
After the server update, they will be returned to their places.

2. What has been done (very briefly):

Almost the entire server has been rewritten, virtually all the mechanics of the game world have changed.
Thanks to Nemo, who decided to remember "His Past and Thoughts".
There will be many new events, which we are going to open gradually.
We don't have a possibility for tests of the overall world, that's why we wait for several bugs.
And, of course, new mobs, artefacts and various things, we hope, will be able to please you.

3. What we offer you:

Would you test both the most common actions that you perform constantly and various new things:

1) Test Server:

2) Caps (Properties limits)
3) The new! The Virtue Honesty.
4) The new! Armor Refinement

5) We developed a search through Opened Bazaar. You can test it: click on your char and select in the context menu: "Vendor Search".
The search is possible by the name of any item. If the item is found, you can get a map with the vendor's coordinates into the backpack. If you are too lazy to run, a small amount of gp will allow you to jump across the map directly to The Stall with the desired vendor.

Please report bugs by any means!
Author: Assa
29.12.2020, 12:47 - Happy New Year!
Ultima Online: Happy New Year!

Dear players!

We wish a Happy New Year!
We wish you health, joy and fun a lot around the year, as well as a lot of patience!

May all your dreams come true, and all enemies burst with envy will be defeated in Serpent Hall and in Haven ;)

Have a great holiday and a good mood!

1. On New Year's Eve, gifts will be given out to online players.

2. Grandfather Frost is already at the Christmas tree in Haven, and Santa Claus is already in the city of Luna.
You can buy a Christmas tree and New Year's gifts for yourself and your friends from them (trees on March 1 will dry up and peel off, cleaning is free and is done automatically).
If you buy a holiday sock and hang it in the house, then on January 1st you will have a chance to get a tidy sum of money in it. The more socks in the world, the larger the amount.

3. At the end of the year, The Abyss Shrouds are got by:
Marvel - is awarded for I place in PvM Rating;
Time to Kill - is awarded for I place in PvP Rating.

4. For the annual lottery - we are waiting for the message from the winner. Whoever has got the golden key will get an exclusive home.

5. Next Year our server UOKR awaits numerous updates:

- all game mechanics will be updated;
- there will be dungeon updates;
- there will be new quests and events;
- there will be a new craft, new bods, new pet training, new abilities;
- we will populate and open TOL lands,
and others a lot!

Enjoy the game!
UOKR Administration
Author: Assa
13.12.2020, 23:26 - Server IP was changed
Dear players!

IP address for our server UO KR was successfully changed. You can use new Server IP to access the game:

World save from early morning, December 9th was loaded.

Note! You have to change Server IP only for 3D client, in the file:

You must use an old address for 2D client:

All files will be updated later for downloading from our website where you can find them in section Files UO.
There are installing instructions there.

p.s. Open Bazaar was a little bit cleared. New Stalls appeared.
If somebody wants, they can try themselves in the trade business.
Author: Assa


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