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26.10.2019, 13:46 - Charybdis is a sea monster. New craft: hoods, belts, collar
...In Homer's Odyssey, the swirling waters of Charybdis famously wrecked the ship of the hero Odysseus on his way home from the Trojan War. Having just survived the sirens, the ship, in trying to avoid Charybdis, went a little too close to Scylla's lair. Six members of Odysseus' crew, the six best, were grabbed by the six heads of Scylla as they went through the turbulent waters of the narrow straits. The ship passed the still screaming victims and made it through the passage, but the escape was only temporary...

Ultima Online: Charybdis

Dear players!
1. We introduce the new High Seas sea monster - Charybdis and its environment.
You can find the location of the monster (only in deep waters) using the Oracle of the Sea spyglass. The spyglass can be received as a reward for completing the Professional Fisher Quests.
Use the Charybdis Bait (also available from Fish Quests).

Do not forget to insure them :)
When you search for a monster, the spyglass should be in your backpack.

To recharge the spyglass, use Fish Oil.
Fish oil can be made from flour and fish steaks.

From Charybdis, you can get pieces of different fish, fishing nets, a message in a bottle and the new Fisherman's Armor Set.

As well as recipes for 2 new items:
1) Dagger Belt
2) Elegant Collar

2. We've implemented new craft items: belts, gates, caps (hoods)
(Recipes required)

1) Belts: in section Miscellaneous
- Mace Belt
- Sword Belt
- Dagger Belt

2) Elegant Collar - in section Miscellaneous

Ultima Online: Mace Belt, Sword Belt, Dagger Belt, Elegant Collar

3) Hats: cowl and hoods
- Assassin's cowl
- Mage's Hood
- Cowl of the mace & shield
- Mage's hood of scolarly insight

Recipes for new items have been added in loot tables for Scalis, Corgul, Charybdis and Grim Reaper:
- Scalis: Mace Belt, Assassins Cowl
- Corgul: Sword Belt, Mages Hood
- Charybdis: Dagger Belt, Elegant Collar
- Grim Reaper (at Halloween): Cowl of the mace & shield, Mage's hood of scholarly insight

3. Other updates:

1) The new Doom Artifact: The Scholar's Halo (it will not be in the exchanger yet).
2) The OSI crafting window has been improved: you can immediately craft the maximum number of items using the MAKE MAX button and the exact number MAKE NUMBER.
3) Refactoring of craft tables has been done.
4) Fixed the bug with empty traps.
Author: Assa
01.08.2018, 19:07 - Action to recovery lost accounts!
Ultima Online: 50% Discount for account recoveryUltima Online: Special Discount recovery

To everyone, everyone!
From August 1 until September 2, 2018
the Action is held:
50% Discount
for account recovery without or with items (except the Abyss Shroud).

And Special Discount: 20% Discount for Abyss Shroud recovery.

More UO KR.
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26.07.2018, 14:21 - Happy Birthday to the UO KR!
Dear friends!
This year our server was 11 years old!
With what we congratulate you!
Thank you for being with us. Players, Staff and the Administration of the Abyss, supporting us in a difficult moment. Everything is for you!

We have prepared a small gift for all players. Using the statue of a bear from the British Bank, you can get a new recipe:
"Recipe for an Enchanted Picnic Basket".

Ultima Online: Enchanted Picnic Basket Recipe

The bear will be available until Sunday inclusive.
To use the recipe, you need the knowledge of Basket weaving.
The book "Making Valuables with Basket Weaving" can be bought from Tinker, in Ter Moor.
To decorate the picnic blanket - use the Interior Decorator for the design of the house.

All excellent weather and a happy summer!

p.s. In the evening there will also be gifts;)
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02.03.2018, 12:08 - Change IP
Dear players!
For our project UO KR has changed IP.
Please check your files:

for a 2D client - Login.cfg
LoginServer = uokr.theabyss.ru, 7777

for 3D client - cheese.cfg
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01.06.2017, 16:05 - The New! Drag&Drop Tournament
Dear friends!
For the first time the "Drag&Drop" tournament will take place!!!
Thursday, 1 June, 20:00 Moscow time (GMT +3).
We are glad to see you in any attire.

The portal will be opened at the bank in Haven.

To participate in the tournament you will not need any skills or special opportunities.
The rules:

- It is forbidden to log out.
- It is forbidden to use speech macros during the tournament.
- It is forbidden to use skills Hide, Stealth, Stealing.
- PvP isn't allowed.
- It is forbidden to use macros or scripts to pass the tournament.
- It is forbidden to interfere with other players by any means.
- It is forbidden to use Spellweaving especially WildFire !!!! (Violators will be immediately sent to hard work !!!)
- Do not start the match before the signal of the Game Master.
- To come only on the 2D client. (This is not a ban, but a council)

And now the most interesting thing! What is Drag & Drop??

You need to drag the thing from the start to the finish line and make it the first!
You can drag through 2 tiles, 1 tile, directly, in the side, as you please, the main thing is that you do not interfere with your opponent.

More and with images - read our forum.
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