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Vendors and Market
To purchase any product at an amount less than 2.000 gold, money, must lie in your backpack. For purchase on the Market - from traders of the players, money in any amount will be debited from yours the bank.

Vendors can be set by players only in town Magincia - Bazaar (Felucca).

A vendor is placed on a markep for only one purpose- to sell owner's goods (artifacts, weapons, potions etc.) to another players. Prices are set buy vendor's owner.

Managing vendor
It's good to know some details about vendor management.
By double clicking your vendor you can access his management menu:

My charge per real world day is: Every real day your vendor takes some money for his work. The exact amount of his daily wage is displayed here. So it's better to give a vendor some money 'to start from'.

Gold held on my account line shows you how much money does your vendor have. The maximum number of days your vendor can possibly keep trading depends on this value.

See Goods button opens vendor's backpack where you can put items for sell and set prices.

Setting prices
It's wise to place some conteiners in vendor's backpack to sort out your wares in them. After you have dragged a containet to vendor's backpack you can type it's description and hit Enter.
Right after you have draged a ware to ventor's backpack you need to type it's price and hit Enter. Otherwise the default price of 999 gp will be set automatically.
'Description' is set when the string you enter has not only arabic numerals. For example if you drag the item and enter '900k' then the item is marked 'not for sale' and '900k' is the description of the item. If you enter '900000' then the item can be sold for 900000gp.

Contract options
By single clicking your vendor you can enter contract options menu where you can learn your contract length, it's price and a price for renewing the contract. The maximum term of contract is 1 month. To automatically renew a contract the town's finance minister sets the 'renewing price' and the answer to the question about renewing to Yes. If the vendor's owner is ready to pay such price then he should answer Yes in vendor's contract options menu. In such conditions a contract renews automatically. Keep in mind that the finance minister can change renewing price at any time. And if he does then the answer from renter's side is automatically set to 'No'.

Dismissing vendor
When your vendor is dismissed (by your decision or if he does'nt have enough gold to continue trading etc) all wares and money are automatically transfered to your bank even if it doesn't have enough free space.

Author Dr.Kuznez
Edited by Sir Kenga
Translated by Mimir


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