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Kingdom Reborn: History
Long time ago, when Lord British was alive and lands were fertile, a girl named Dawn punished Lord Blackthorn for the retreat from the Virtue.

She bravely fought on the field of battle with numerous Juka hordes. And till now Dawn's words are still remembered, told early in the morning, in the snake stronghold:

"I am Dawn, the king's knight of the Britain and companion-in-arms with all those who defended our country after the kings departure. The traitor Lord Blackthorn and his Juka army for very long time threatend our lands in Ilshenar. You know, that since that time, when the first blow was hit, I fought side by side with you, with noble paladin Dupre and eldest Adrant, the world's overseer.

Ultima Online: Dawn Queen
One by one, you smashed Blackthorn's army, givinf your strength and lifes, and Juka retreated in fear to their master, Exodus. It's been several weeks, as silence and calm reign Ilshenar. And Juka do not attack our towns, and we do not hear rumors about Exodus anymore. Our greatest wizards and mages, learned the ether nature, and told, that the presense of the Exodus has thinned. The evil, that Blackthorn brought to Britain, has left, leaving small Juka parties in Ilshenar.

Thanks to you, brave warriors and citizens of the Britain, the attacks stopped. And we shall continue bravely to defend our land in the course of new danger. The time will come, and it is possible, that we again will take our swords and will defend our motherland.

My grandfather told me: "A great virtue is born, where evil dies". We are strong in our virtues, and the always kept our land safe from Mondain, Minacs, Blackthorn and numerous foes, that would be happy to see us straw. Yes, the victory is our, for now, but I want you to remember about Britain, as you will be called, if new evil comes here. But till this day comes we shall bring peace and Virtue in every corner of Britain and move to our flourish!"

Ultima Online: Dawn Queen

Dawn has entered the ruling council of the Kingdom and by her leadership were destroyed the Lord Blackthorn's parties. After the final battle in the Paladin's stronghold, when Lord Blackthorn was killed in action, and his parties from Chaos were scattered around the world, Dawn has entered the Throne and became a queen of Britain, with the British help.

After Lord British left for other worlds, a young queen settled in the blackthorn's castle, on the british island and started the Kingdom Reborn.


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