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Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. Jail Guard
Well Hello, Hello! Wellcome!

You find yourself in unknown place and only bold stones behind the bars? Congratulations! You are in prison!
And probably for using bad speech.

Here are the instructions: you hold an instrument in your hands, with the help of which you will crumble rocks to gain yourself freedom, your best friend here is pickaxe. By the way, 10000 gold coins were withdrawn from your bank account, the instrument and dressing cost a lot, not mentioning the card admission to this camp.

Target the cursor on the pickaxe and pay attention to the line Uses Remaining, that's the number of rocks you should crumble for, to get out of here.

But don't make haste to relax, you are here to understand your guilt, to turn over a new leaf to clean your karma, so don't use bad language in prison cell. If you drop a bad word and the guard will hear you, you'll loose another 10000 gold coins, get 50 stones more, for your long tongue and your mouth will be shut.

Well, it's time to get out. If you look around you may find that one prison cell has two doors. Through this cell you will find the way to the side passage, that leads out. The upper floor has a portal through wich you will leave when all the stones are gathered. After all pickaxe uses run out, you may go to the portal, that will free you. When digging you may give stones to the guards, showing them your yields, the guard will write off 1 or 5 charges from your pickaxe, to make your term last shorter.

Get back soon! We'll wait for you :)

Prison guardsman.

(Guardsmen Wellcome message were made by GM Starfall)


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