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You can insure weapons, jewelry or any part of your equipment against the loss in the case of death. It means, that if you have been killed, then all insured items will remain with you, and after the ressurection they will stay in your backpack. After each of your deaths, it is necessary to renew the insurance of your items. Stackable items cannot be insured. If you want to insure the item, click on your character and select in the appeared menu point "Toggle Item Insurance". Then click the item, which you want to insure. In the properties of item will appear the word "insured". If you attempt to insure already insured object, the insurance from it will be removed.

Menu Insurance

Select Target Insurance


Also, players can use a possibility of the auto-insurance of their items.


If you select this point, it is not to be necessary to insure all items manually - the renewal of insurance will occur automatically after each your death, unless your bank is lacking sufficient funds. If a player killed you, then your killer (person, who delivered you final strike) will receive half of the sum you payed for insurance in his bankbox.
If you have been killed by the monster, the sum of auto-insurance will be equal - 25% of the basic sum.


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