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Ultima Online. Installation: 2D and 3D client
Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss & High Seas

IP address: uokr.theabyss.ru
Port: 7777

Below you can read about everything you need to install 2D and 3D UO:High Seas versions:

1) 2D - High Seas
1. 2D distributive - 2D.rar
2. Archiving utility for unraring the file.

Accessory (optional programs):

2. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 (required for Razor) - dotnetfx.exe
3. Razor - Razor_Latest.exe (not required, but handy for opening more than 1 UO windows, analogue of UOAssist).

2) 3D - High Seas
1. 3D distributive - 3D.rar
2. Missing d3d9.dll
3. Archiving utility for unraring the distributive.
4. In file cheese.cfg you need write:

Abyss server supports playing from either 2D or 3D clients. You can play both clients by installing 2D and 3D versions in different directories.

----------- 2D installation - Stygian Abyss & High Seas ----------

1. Download UO:High Seas (2D) distributive from our site: 2D.rar, setup into any folder.

2. Start game: run file client.exe (he is in arhive 2D.rar).

The End setup.
But, if you want playing with Razor - see next, below.

3. Check for installed Microsoft .NET Framework (version 4.0 or later). You'll need to install dotnetfx.exe file if .NET Framework is absent in your system (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=262d25e3-f589-4842-8157-034d1e7cf3a3&displaylang=en)
If you already have .NET Framework, the installer will notify you about it and you can continue with step 4.

4. Installing Razor into UO directory (download here: http://www.runuo.com/razor/Razor_Latest.exe). After installing, patch Razor (autopatching process begin when you run Razor).

5. Adjust Razor as shown on this picture: razor_eng.gif. In "UO data directory" specify the path to your UO game directory.


6. Now you can launch the game through Razor. If you get an error message when executing Razor - check Razor settings: path must be leading to ORIGINAL file - client.exe.

---------- 3D installation - Stygian Abyss & High Seas ----------

1. Download UO:High Seas 3D distributive. If you can't unrar the distributive (or CRC error is displayed), you need a newer version of archiving utility.

2. Install the game - just extract all files.

3. Look file cheese.cfg. You need write here:

4. Start game - run UoSALoader.exe.

5. If you get an error while trying to launch - message with "d3d9.dll" missing, move missing dlls to game directory and try again.

6. Congratulations! You can now play, just launch UoSALoader.exe.

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