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Ultima Online. Installation: 2D and 3D client
Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss & High Seas & Time of Legends
IP address: uokr.theabyss.ru
Port: 7777

Below you can read about everything you need to install 2D and 3D UO: Time of Legends versions:

1) 2D - Time of Legends
1. 2D distributive - UO2D.rar
2. Archiving utility for unraring the file.

Accessory (optional programs):

2. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 (required for Razor) - dotnetfx.exe
3. Razor - Razor_Latest.exe (not required, but handy for opening more than 1 UO windows, analogue of UOAssist).

2) 3D - Time of Legends
1. 3D distributive - UO3D.rar
2. Missing d3d9.dll
3. Archiving utility for unraring the distributive.
4. In file cheese.cfg you need write:

Abyss server supports playing from either 2D or 3D clients. You can play both clients by installing 2D and 3D versions in different directories.

-- 2D installation: Stygian Abyss & High Seas & Time of Legends --

1. Download UO:High Seas (2D) distributive from our site: UO2D.rar, setup into any folder.

2. Start game: run file client.exe (he is in arhive UO2D.rar).

If you update the game yourself or downloaded it not here, you need download our new client.exe for playing UO 2D on TheAbyss. (Now you need Login.cfg again!) Setup is simple: copy files: client.exe and Login.cfg into already installed game UO 2D and run client.exe.
Use Login.cfg: uokr.theabyss.ru,7777.
The End setup.
But, if you want playing with Razor - see next, below.

3. Check for installed Microsoft .NET Framework (version 4.0 or later). You'll need to install dotnetfx.exe file if .NET Framework is absent in your system (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=262d25e3-f589-4842-8157-034d1e7cf3a3&displaylang=en)
If you already have .NET Framework, the installer will notify you about it and you can continue with step 4.

4. Installing Razor into UO directory (download here: Razor for Ultima Online 2D client). After installing, patch Razor (autopatching process begin when you run Razor).

5. Adjust Razor as shown on this picture: razor_eng.gif. In "UO data directory" specify the path to your UO game directory.


6. Now you can launch the game through Razor. If you get an error message when executing Razor - check Razor settings: path must be leading to ORIGINAL file - client.exe.

-- 3D installation: Stygian Abyss & High Seas & Time of Legends --

1. Download UO: Time of Legends 3D distributive. If you can't unrar the distributive (or CRC error is displayed), you need a newer version of archiving utility.

2. Install the game - just extract all files.

3. Look file cheese.cfg. You need write here:

4. Start game - run UoSALoader.exe.

5. If you get an error while trying to launch - message with "d3d9.dll" missing, move missing dlls to game directory and try again.

6. Congratulations! You can now play, just launch UoSALoader.exe.

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