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Healing lets you restore hit points on yourself or other humans/elves by using Bandages. When combined with the Anatomy skill, you will heal more and gain the abilities to cure Poison and Resurrect other players.

Applying bandages takes time, and your chances of success fall as you take further damage. A higher Healing skill can allow you to ignore outside interference.

Although similar to the Veterinary skill, healing will not allow you to aid non-human/elven creatures.


  • The complementary skill for Healing is Anatomy.
  • The amount of hitpoints healed is not a percentage but a range determined by your skill levels of the Healing Skill and Anatomy.
  • At 60.0 skill in Anatomy and Healing you will be able to cure poison.
  • At 80.0 skill in Anatomy and Healing you will be able to resurrect dead players.
  • Healing will always cure the poison first. In order to heal damage you have to apply another bandage. You can not heal a person before they are cured.
  • Usage time is based on your Dexterity

Approximate Healing Speeds

Time per Bandage on Self
Time per Bandage on Other
10 - 19 11 Seconds 4 Seconds
20 - 39 10 Seconds 4 Seconds
40 - 59 9 Seconds 4 Seconds
60 - 79 8 Seconds 3 Seconds
80 - 99 7 Seconds 3 Seconds
100 - 119 6 Seconds 3 Seconds
120 - 139 5 Seconds 2 Seconds
140 - 159 4 Seconds 2 Seconds

Healing and Reputation

When healing other players, it may be in your best interests to make note of their Reputation. Healing "criminal" players ("grays or "reds") results in your being flagged as a criminal. This can be dangerous because you may be freely attacked if flagged as a criminal.

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Anatomy skill


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