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3D Client Settings
Ultima Online(tm): Kingdom Reborn
Copyright (c) 2007 Electronic Arts.


Installing the Game

Starting the Game
To start Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn 3D:
1. Close all open programs and background tasks, including virus scanners.
2. Click file UoSALoader.exe.
More read: Installation the New 2D and 3D client Ultima Online

Complete Controls
These are the default controls. To customize your button mapping, open the Main menu and click KEY BINDINGS.


Walk Hold right mouse button
Run Hold right mouse button and move cursor away from character in the direction you want to run
Open door Double-click


Open Main menu M (If the targeting cursor is not up and nothing is targeted on the screen)
Open character (Paper Doll) C
Open Skills menu K
Open Spellbook B
Open Quest Log L
Move window Click and drag window border
Resize window Click and drag gem in window
Close window Click the blue X in upper right corner
Character info Double-left-click character
View name of character/creature Mouse over character or creature
View Context menus for NPCs/items Shift + right-click
Open Options menu O
Targeting and Combat
Target self F1
Target nearest enemy TAB
Target next enemy Q
War mode W (or can click the Swords icon in the lower left of the screen)
Primary attack 1
Secondary attack 2
Target nearest friendly A
Target next friendly S
Attack targeted enemy Double-click enemy or enemy name/profile in the Targeting Window
Escape the target cursor/
close the current target ESC
Item and Spell Use
Add spell, potion, or item into a hotbar slot Drag and drop item into slot
Use hotbar slot 1 - +
Open backpack I
Move item/stack of items Click and drag the item to desired location
Move part of a stack of items Click, drag, and enter into query box how many items you wish to move
Pick up item Click and drag item to your character or backpack
Open container/chest Double-click container
Open/close bank box (if inside of a bank) Say: “Bank”
NEW! Loot from a corpse or container Right-click
Zoom in +
Zoom out -
Return to normal *
Begin line of chat/Send line of chat ENTER
Switch to hot bar trays 1-5 SHIFT + 1 - 5
Open Hotbar menu Right click on a Hotbar slot
Move Hotbar Grab, drag, and drop your hotbar to your desired location
Resize Hotbar Click the triangle in the lower right and move mouse.

User Settings

To open the User Settings menu, access the Main menu by clicking its icon in the Menu Bar.

Graphics Tab Toggle between full screen and windowed modes, show frame, and adjust the flexible desktop slider.
Key Bindings Customize your hotkeys.
Sound Select your language (English or Japanese), enable sound, sound effects, and music, and adjust audio volumes.
Options Adjust a host of options including whether to always run, use a circle of transparency, query before criminal actions, and more.
Interface Toggle Tooltips ON/OFF, and more.

Gameplay Basics

To move your character, click and hold the right mouse button towards the hand-shaped cursor. The father away from your character you keep the cursor, the faster you move.
Interacting with Others
To see another character’s name and information, mouse over that character.
To access another person’s character window (Peace mode only), double-click that character.
To speak to another character, press ENTER, type what you wish to say, then press ENTER. Your speech appears directly above your character.
Buy, Sell, Train: with NPCs - Shift + right-click.

Targeting and Attacking
To target something—such as characters, NPCs, enemies, or objects—click it.
To enter War mode, click the Crossed Sword icon in the lower left of the screen. To return to Peace mode, click the same button. (Or press the W key.)
When you are in War mode, you can attack any living thing you target, including friendly NPCs, guards, and tame animals by simply double-clicking it. Be careful: guards will kill you if you attack other players or NPCs in town.
When in Peace mode, you attack nothing unless you are first attacked.

Items and Inventory
To get an item’s name, mouse over the item.
To move an item, click and drag the item to your desired destination.
To place an item in your inventory, drag an item into your character or inventory.
To trade an item to another player, drag the item onto their character.
To drop an item, drag it from your backpack then release the mouse button.
To use an item, double-click it. If a targeting cursor appears, you must target another object on which to use the item. To do so, click the object you wish to target or press one of the targeting hotkeys.
To open a container, double-click it. The container opens and its contents are displayed in a window.

Setting up Your Hotbar with Spells
To add spells to your Hotbar:
1. Click the Inventory Bag icon in the Menu Bar to open your inventory.
2. Scroll through the contents of your bag until you see your Spellbook. Once you find your spell book, double-click it.
3. Click and drag you spell into the desired slot on your Hotbar. To see additional spells, click the tabs at the top of the menu. To spell is now loaded into the spot you indicated on the Hotbar.
To use a spell in your Hotbar slot, target an enemy by clicking it (or pressing the appropriate targeting hotkey) and pressing the corresponding button for the desired spell (1 - +).

Exiting the Game
To leave the game, open your character window (paper doll) and select LOG OUT.
Make sure you are in a safe place—like an Inn, a building in a friendly town, or your home with the door locked—before you log out. It takes up to 30 seconds for a character to leave the world, so if you log out in a dangerous area, your character might be attacked without you knowing it.

Background Tasks
In some cases programs that are running on your system can monopolize resources that the game needs in order to install, load, and run properly. Not all of these programs are immediately visible. There are a number of programs, called “background tasks,” that are always running on your system.
Important Note: While shutting down background tasks will optimize your system for running Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn, these background tasks’ features will be unavailable once shut down. Be sure to re-enable background tasks after playing Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn by restarting your computer.
If your system is running anti-virus or crash guard programs you will need to close or disable them to run Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. To do this, find the icon for the program on the Windows Taskbar and then right-click the icon and select “close,” “disable,” or the relevant option. Please note that these programs will be reactivated the next time you restart your computer.

Video and Sound Drivers
An outdated video or sound driver can lead to slow and choppy gameplay, or in some cases can prevent the game from running at all. To ensure an enjoyable experience with Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn, be sure that you have the most recent video and sound drivers installed. These drivers are typically available for download from your system or hardware manufacturer’s website. If you are not sure what type of video or sound card you have, or you don’t know how to update the drivers on your system, please refer to the documentation that came with your system or peripheral.
Internet Performance Issues
To avoid poor performance during Internet play, be sure that you close any file sharing, streaming audio, or chat programs prior to entering gameplay. These applications can monopolize your connection’s bandwidth, causing lag or other undesirable effects.
Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn uses the following TCP and UDP port(s) for Internet play:
Connects to the login server on 7775 & 7776 (TCP)
Connects to the patcher on 8888 (TCP)
Connects to the game server on 5001 to 5101 (TCP)
Please consult your router or personal firewall documentation for information on how to allow game related traffic on these ports. If you are attempting to play on a corporate Internet connection, contact your network administrator.


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