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Ultima Online: Gold

In Ultima Online, Gold comes in several forms. The gold coin is the most prevalent and the primary medium of exchange.

Amounts of up to one million gold coins can be stored in check form, which can save space. It is acquired through a whole host of means:

* found as loot on most creatures;
* from NPC buyers;
* as an NPC quest reward;
* from begging;
* in Treasure Chests;
* from other Player Characters;
* from your own vendor; and
* from items you sell at auction.

150 gold is 1 stone in weighed, so a full stack of 60,000 coins are 400 stone in weighed. Gold coins initially weighed a fiftieth {1/50} of a stone (so fifty coins stacked together weighed a single stone). Gold has no weight when located in a bank box.

Gold Bricks

Gold also comes in brick form. In this instance, Gold Bricks are a decorative artifact that can be found from doing Treasure Maps, by fighting a Leviathan that is brought to the surface with a Fabled Fishing Net, or as part of the Paragon system in Ilshenar. While not common, Gold Bricks are not extremely valuable and are only good for deco.

Golden Ingots & Ore

The Blacksmithy resource that is sometimes referred to as "gold" is actually called Golden Ore and Golden Ingots.

Acquiring gold from killing creatures in great quantities sometimes is called "gold farming."

Bank Check

Ultima Online: Bank CheckA Bank Check is a form of currency that can be created in amounts of up to 1 million gold coins. Regardless of the amount of gold stored in a check form, the check will weigh 1 stone. Introduced March 8, 2000, bank checks were instituted to allow players to carry large sums of gold to facilitate player-to-player trading that was more secure.

Despite years of delay in fixing this problem, checks finally display the amount with comma separators. In the past, many an innocent player has been scammed by a less than virtuous one who hides a 100,000 check amidst 1,000,000 checks during a multi-million gold purchase.

A character may deposit a bank check into their bankbox by dragging the check onto an NPC banker or minter. However, opening the bankbox for a direct transfer is recommended. In terms of purchases directly from a bank check, according to official documents, NPC Bankers no longer accept checks.

Check Creation

At an NPC Banker or Minter, say the word Check followed by the amount, up to 1,000,000.

If you have enough gold coins in your bankbox, the check you requested will appear there and the corresponding amount of coins will be debited.
If you do not have enough gold coins in your bankbox, you will see the following message:
check 10000

Check Redemption

To cash a check, place it in your bankbox and double-click it.

Ultima Online: SilverSilver

Silver is relatively rare form of in-game money. Silver coins are only obtainable if you are in a Faction, although player vendors also sell Silver. Some items can only be purchased with Silver coins, such as Faction War Horses, Faction Vendors, etc.

Earning Sliver

Faction members can earn Silver via PvE, by slaying monsters with faction affiliations.

30 silver - Daemons are associated with Shadowlords
20 silver - Wisps are associated with Council of Mages
30 silver - Ogre Lords are associated with Minax
30 silver - Silver Serpents are associated with True Britannians

Faction members also can earn Silver via PvP, by slaying faction enemies.

40 silver - Per kill point received. Faction enemies with a kill point deficit give up no swag. Faction members are limited in the amount obtained the same opponent by a countdown timer.


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