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Your first gift
Your first gift in Ultima Online Dear friends!

Is it your first time you are on our server and have already created an account and game character?
Specially for you - your first gift in thge world of Ultima Online!
How to get it? Very Easy! Write your account to e-mail Assa

What do you get and how to use it:

Ultima Online: Bank Check 10.000Gold Coins: 10.000 deposited in bank check.
Put the check in your bank box, double-click on it.

Ultima Online: Bag of Sending

Bag of Sending

Double-click the bag
than target once on the thing or the money
you wish to transfer to your bank box.

The Bag of Sending is an item obtained from the Ambitious Solen Queen quest. Appearance-wise, it looks like just another small, round bag but allows you to send items to your bank box. It is especially useful for sending gold collected in Dungeons due to gold's burdensome weight. The bags are charged with Translocation Powder obtained both through the same quest and from the Solen Matriarch, though they eventually become "saturated" and no longer accept recharging. At their maximum, a bag may hold 30 charges.


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