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The Focus skill could be defined as the "Warrior's Meditation Skill." It increases both a character's Mana Regeneration and Stamina Regeneration. Since a warrior's swing rate is determined by the amount of stamina he has, the ability to increase the regeneration of that attribute would be highly beneficial on the battlefield. Mana, too, is an important stat to any warrior that uses special combat moves as part of his tactics.

Hit Points, Stamina, and Mana all have statistics associated with them called "10 second gains," which are set on all creatures and tell the game system how much to increase each current value by every 10 seconds. This can be seen in the way monsters regenerate their hit points, stamina, and mana over time. These 10-second gains can be increased by various skill and magic effects, like the Focus skill.

For every 10 points of Focus a player has, their 10 second Stamina gain is increased by 1.
For every 20 points of Focus a player has, their 10 second Mana gain is increased by 1.

So for example, character with 60% Focus will regenerate 3 mana points and 6 stamina points in 10 second period.


Focus is the easiest skill to train, even if you don't want to. Every time you regenerate 1 Mana or Stamina you have a chance to gain in Focus. Thus, simply do activities which cause you to lose mana and stamina. Using up mana can be accomplished by casting any type of spell. To lower stamina you can just run around a lot. Doing both at the same time will quicken gains. The Necromancy spell Pain Spike would be especially useful.


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