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Ultima Online: Download Files
REGISTRATION is working now (don't need authorization).
But if you have a problem to get an account on our server,
please write (account, pass, e-mail that you want) to:
Assa, and also you receive our gift.
Here also: help with installing games and other questions.
(press the image below)
Your first gift in Ultima Online

Dear players!
Our server moves to new Clients "Time of Legends".
We support "Stygian Abyss" and "High Seas", too.
2D client can log in the game now be starting with version and above, including the We support autopatch, too. You can download the new client 2D now immediately, version "Time of Legends" and 3D client version "Time of Legends".
Or you can to make autopatch for old 3D client.

   Size    Description Download
1,4 Gb [2D Distro] Here you can download original distributive of the Ultima Online: "Time of Legends" 2D. Version:
Setup is simple: unrar file and setup game into any folder, e.g.: c:\games\uo2d.
Autopatch supported by our the server too.

The detailed description: "Installation UO: 2D and 3D versions"
1,24 Mb [2D Client.exe] If you update the game yourself or downloaded it not here, you need download our new client.exe for playing UO 2D on TheAbyss. (Now you need Login.cfg again!) Setup is simple: copy files: client.exe and Login.cfg into already installed game UO 2D and run client.exe.
Use Login.cfg: uokr.theabyss.ru,7777.
700 Kb [2D Razor] Good program-assistance for play Ultima Online: 2D (only) client. After install, please type our IP address and Port (uokr.theabyss.ru - 7777).
Help: "Razor guide by Sir Kenga".
Latest Razor
6,09 Mb [2D UOSteam] It is modern substitute of the Razor and has more suitable map. Map in the UOSteam doesn't demand calibration and automatically switch your location, tracking your current location in the Ultima Online world (2D client only) UOSteam
53 Mb [2D AutoMap] UO AutoMap. Before installing, please read: Installing and configuring AutoMap(will be later). AutoMap
3D Client
2.67 Gb [3D Distro] Here you can download original distributive of the Ultima Online "Time of Legends" 3D client. Already patched to ver.: Setup is simple: unrar distributive into any folder, e.g.: c:\games\uo3d. Autopatch supported by our the server too.
Start game: run UoSALoader.exe.
In file cheese.cfg you need write:
3.57 Kb [3D Client] Here you can download loader (UoSALoader.rar) for playing Ultima Online 3D on TheAbyss.
Setup is simple: unrar arhiv and copy all files (3 files) into already installed game UO 3d and run UOSALoader.exe.
UO3D Loader
18 b [3D cheese.cfg] Here you can download file for login with 3D client to our server. Setup is simple: copy 'cheese.cfg' into game and run UoSALoader.exe.
4.6 Mb [Auto-Download] Here you can download auto-loader: "Download Master Portable". In this program's function is to support auto downloading large files if you have a bad connection. Auto Download Master

The detailed description: "Installation UO: 2D and 3D versions"


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