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Ultima Online: FAQ
1) How does Arms Lore skill affect blacksmithing skill?
The Blacksmithers gets additional item magical enhancing ability, if skill is present. Arms lore skill is also used in Tailoring.

2) How can i train my character the fastest way?
Actively use skills. For combat related skills - hunting and fighting. For other skills - use high-level abilities, like for magery - at 40 magery cast 4 circle spells, at 50 - 5 and so on. To ensure fast skill training, you have to actively travel the world.

3) Are there any mana potions on shard, that provide additional Mana and/or mana regeneration bonus?
No Mana potions on shard. There are some items present, that make character regenerate mana faster (Mana Regeneration item attribute. Meditation skill works only if character is wearing no armor at all, or armor, that is not heavier than leather, or if such armor is with Mage Armor attribute. All other armor types reduce mana regeneration dramatically, down to 0,1 mana per second. Mana regeneration bonus is also granted by gaining in Focus skill (independent from armor being worn). Meditation and Focus skills raise mana regeneration rate.

4) Is there any way to carry stuff being overweight to bank/house (or other secure)?
There is such a way. You can take in hand (drag) any item/pile that is not more 50% than characters overall maxweight and use any skill (hide etc.) Then, slowly move to bank or house. You can take refresh potions with you, to refresh stamina that is heavily consumed while dragging something heavy, or cast paladin spell Divine Fury, that also refreshes chars stamina. The other way - dropping heavy item away 2 tiles near you character, moving, and dropping 2 tiles away again. Bless and Strength, and Strength potions are very handy, when carrying heavy items.

5) While making a crafter character, what changes if I take elf or human race?
For elf race - starting skills are 50 Carpentry and 50 Bowcrafting/Fletching, for human race - Blacksmithy and Tinkering.

6) How do I buy something at the vendor?
While standing close to vendor, left-click at vendor once and choose "buy" at the context menu OR just say "vendor buy".

7) Where do I take reagents?
Reagents are bought from NPC or gathered from monsters loot.

8) Can I buy vendors and place them in town markets?
Vendors are placed at town markets by faction-leaders (you have to talk to FL to have a vendor) Umbra Townmarket - North-West from Umbra Moongate; Luna Townmarket - East from Luna Bank; Zento (Tokuno) Townmarket - near Zento central square (bank).

9) How do I train stats?
Stats are raised in combat (while skills are raising, the stat, that dependent on skill, is raised), also, you can manually raise stats by using such skills as Arms Lore (on item) or Camping (you'll need some Kindling). Stats are limited to raise - by 225 statcap, by 125 stat-basecap and by 15 minutes (each 15 minutes you can raise no more than 1 STR, 1 DEX and 1 INT).

10) How and where do I ressurect?
There're some ways to ressurect if dead: a) Find Ankh (cross, located all over the world, at most Ilshenar shrines and so on) and step close to it, or double0-click it; b) Healers (wandering Healers) - that located all over the world; c) You can be ressurected by other players.

11) Where can I find mine and how do I dig the ore?
To dig the ore in the mine you'll either need a shovel or a pickaxe. You can dig in the mine itself, or at the rocks (mountains edge). Double-click the shovel/pickaxe and target the tile, you want to mine. Basical hotkey bind is very handy - LastObject-WaitForTarget-LastTarget - may be made in 2D client.

12) What are the [paragon] creatures?
Paragon creatures are much stronger, than typical creatures and deal much more damage. Loot is better, than from non-paragon creatures, and also a minor artifact can be bestowed on you for killing such a mob. Artifact chance and loot is modified by your luck parameter. Paragon creatures may not be tamed.

13) If I die, can I find my steed and mount it again?
After owners death, the pet will follow the owners ghost, if possible. After ressurection, pet, owned by character may be found and mounted again (if not killed by aggressive monster). Pet also performs last command (if before death it was told to "stay", it won't follow it's master).

14) What reagents do necromancers use?
Necroreagents: Daemons Blood, Nox Crystal, Pig Iron, Gravedust, Bat Wing.

15) What does Focus skill?
GM Focus (Grandmaster Stoic) passively regenerates 0,5 mana and 1 stamina point per second. Focus and Meditation skill together give more regeneration rate.

16) Where can I get Paladin Tithing Points?
Find Aknh-cross. Click at it once and choose "Tithe Gold" in the context menu. 1 gold piece = 1 tithing point. You must have gold in backpack. One of such ankh-crosses may be found in Luna town, on the 2 story.

17) Are thee any quests present?
Quests are given in Trammel (New Haven and Heartwoon) at the NPCs with "Quest Giver" title. Double-click such NPC to get the quest. Quest NPCs are scattered all over the world.

18) What character may use recall spell?
This spell is available to every class ingame. To cast recall, you'll need magery skill not less than 35. You can still recall from recall-scrolls, even if your magery is 0, but it'll fizzle many times. Necromancers in wraith-forms may cast recall with 100% chance (no fizzles).

19) Who can mark the runes?
Runes can be marked only by Priest-class.

20) What is runebook?
Runebook is a book where you can securely store and use your runes. Runebooks are always blessed (always with you, even after death), runebooks are crafted by scribes (inscription skill). Every runebook has certain amount of recall charges (from recall-scrolls). You can also Recall, open Gates and Sacred Journey thorugh the runebook, using reagents and TPs.

21) What is durability?
Durability is the "items hitpoints". Format is durability / maxdurability (e.g. 10/10). While item is in use, it durability lowers. When durability reaches 0, max durability (only weapons) is lowered then. When maxdurability reaches 0 - the item is destroyed. Item can be repaired by respective crafter (Tailoring for leather and cloth items, Blacksmithy for metal-items and Bowcrafting for bows and crossbows).

22) How can I repair an item?
You'll need a respective tool (tongs/smiths hammer for Blacksmithy, sewing kit for Tailoring, fletching tools for Bowcrafting). Open craftmenu by clicking on the crafting tool, push "Repair" gump and target the item you wish to repair.

23) How can I create my own guild?
24) Guildstone. Where to get and how much does it cost?

There's a "Guild" button in your characters paperdoll - upon clicking, the Guild menu is shown. Guild creation costs 1'000'000 gps. Guildstones can't be placed in towns.

25) How does negative karma affects necrospells?
The more negative (with minus) karma you have, the more stronger some of the necrospells become.

26) While in necroform, can I still use a weapon that is equiped?
Yes, polymorphed necromancer uses weapon, that is curenntly equipped.

27) If I dig only in one tile, do i still get gains in skill and stat?
Yes, but dramtically slower, because of antimacros script.

28) What is young status? How can I remove my young status?
• Newbies (Young players) can feel free to travel around the world, except Felucca (such towns as Britain, Minoc, Vesper, Trinsik, Bucs Den, Serpent Hold);
• Young players can't damage or loot non-young players;
• Young players loose their young-status after 100 hours of gameplay or by reaching 700 skillsum;
• If you attack and kill other young-player, you'll loose your young status.

29) How can I delete my old character and create a new one?
You can create new character by registering new game account (http://www.kingdomreborn.eu/?register), then you create new character on this game account ingame. You can only delete Young players in your game account, there's a delay for character removal.

30) How can I make my skill not to raise or lower?
In the skill menu you can either set your skill to raise (UP-arrow), lower (DOWN-arrow) or lock (LOCK-icon).

31) How can I setup and play 2D client?
Ultima online: Mondains Legacy is installed as any other normal application. After installating - reboot, then execute uopatch.exe in UO directory, wait for latest patch. To play UO with Razor, you'll need latest Razor itself (www.runuo.com/razor), .NET Frameworks (www.microsoft.com, need to install for Razor). In Razor starting window choose 2D client [Auto-Detect], Patch client encryption, (Auto-Detect) in UO data directory, server IP is port 7777.
In detail

32) Can I cut clothes to bandages?
Cloth items can be cut in cloths, which can be cut in bandages. Robes can't be cut.

33) Monster react time and react radius is too big. Can it be lowered somehow?
No. But monsters react less aggressive, if you're moving slowly.

34) What time is need to decay corpse?
This is random timer, which can be 5 to 30 minutes. Corpse decays into bones first, then it decays completely.

35) How much time do I need to loose criminal status (grey-hued nick)?
120 seconds since last criminal action.

36) How much time do I need to loose kill-point?
8 hours for short term kill, 40 hours for long term kill. Kill-status is provided when you say "I must consider my sins".

37) How to use combat abilities?
You should bind your hotkeys for PrimaryAbility and SecondaryAbility. Also, you can drag combat ability icon from combat ability book (in character paperdoll), and just click the icon.

38) where can i get 6-8 circle spells, necrospells and/or arcane (spellweaving) spells?
6-8 circle spells can be found as loot on some powerful casting monsters and can also be created by scribe (inscription skill). Necrospells and arcane spells can only be found as loot. Vampiric Embrace necrospell comes as loot only from Dark Father (Doom Dungeon boss).

39,40) Does hunger-status affect skill raising or any other character attributes?
No. But food can be used to regenerate stamina.

41) How many game accounts can I have?
It's possible to have unlimited number of game accounts.

42) How many houses can I have?
1 house per game account.

43) How many time it takes to automatically delete idle account?
Account, that were idle for 60 days will be automatically deleted. Paid "Premium" accounts are unlimited.

44) How can I lower a skill?
Reach skillcap (700). Put one skill to lower, 1 skill to raise, lock others. Train the skill, that is set to raise, the skill set to lower will be lowered respectably.

45) How can I change stat-build, if I reach 225 statcap?
Same as skills lowering-raising-locking system. In characters attributes window you can manage your stats.

46) How does Resisting Spells skill work?
It helps to resist poison and lowers time and efficiency of debuff (negative) spells, including paralysis. Also, GM Resisting Spells gives your 40 of each resist. Resists are not cumulative.

47) What are the "Blessed items"?
Blessed items remain with you even if you die. Spellbooks and runebooks are always blessed.

48) I saw people riding transparent mounts - is this some kind of glitch?
No, it's not a glitch. Those are the ethereal mounts (steeds). They're blessed and appear as the statuette in characters backpack. One can get an ethereal mount by donating to server.

49) What towns doesn't have Guard-Zone? What towns are PK towns?
Buccaneers Den in Felucca.

50) Where can I get craft recipes?
Recipes can be acquired by completing some Heartwood and Haven quests. The chance of receiving recipe is pretty low, the chance or receiving craftable artifact recipe if about ~1 to 1000.

51,52) What are factions for?
Faction is like a big guild, your character join one of the faction (Chaos or Order) upon creation. One can leave faction by saying "I renounce my faction player status".

53) How can I change faction?
Currently, the only way to change faction is to donate to server.

54) What classes exist on server?
No classes since 7 april 2008.

55) What is the formula for bandage apllying speed?
Bandage healing speed formula:
This formula is applicable to all classes. This way, for example at 100 DEX you'll get 6 seconds bandage healing speed.

56) UO commands.
Vendor Buy - opens vendor buying menu (near vendor)
Vendor Sell - opens vendor selling menu (near vendor)
Bank - opens your bankbox (while near the banker)
Balance - shows your current bank balance (checks are not included)
Withdraw xxxx - withdraws some gold from bank ("xxxx" is an amount from 1 to 5000 gps)
Guards - calls guards (only in Guard-Zone)
Train skillname - learns some skill from NPC (near NPC-trainer, where skillname is the skill you want to train, for example alchemy)
/ - party-talking tag (for example /hello )
/add - party invitation (only for party leader)
/accept - accept party invitation
\ - guild-talking tag (only in guild)
Destination - ask destination for Escort-NPC
I will take thee - accept escort task
I must consider my sins - info about long/short term kill-points and charcter fame/karma
I renounce my young player status - removes characters young-status

57) Pet-managing.
Clicking your pet will bring down a context menu, you can also control pet with certain commands:
Petname Come - pet will approach it's master
Petname Follow - pet will follow targeted mobile
Petname Follow me - pet will follow master
Petname Stay - pet will stay on the same tile
Petname Stop - cancels last command (pet will wander around)
Petname Kill - pet will attack the targeted mobile
Petname Attack - pet will attack the targeted mobile
Petname Guard - order pet to guard targeted mobile (use All Guard Me for all pets to guard you, however, pets will attack you if you're criminal this way)
Instead of typing Petname, you can type All -
all pets will do the ordered command.

58) How does antimacros script work?
Antimacros system: game space is divided in 15x15 sectors, one such sector may give you a gain not more than +0.3 per skill every ~45 minutes, for the further gain you'll need to move to next sector. Skill gain potions, available for donations, turn off antimacros script for the character that used the potion for potion effect time (60 to 600 minutes) and help you gain the skill faster (100-500%).


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