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The Shadowlords, The Minax, True Britannians, The Mags and The Neutrality.
Battle for the cities
Control of cities and factions
Faction Silver
How change the faction?

The Shadowlords, The Minax, True Britannians, The Mags and The Neutrality.
Chaos and Order

On our server you can accept one of two sides: Chaos (The Shadowlords, The Minax) and Order (The true Britannians, The Mags). But also you can renounce from the eternal fight and join the neutral side (The Neutrality).
Fight consists, as a rule, for The Malas cities: Luna, Umbra and Tokuno: Makoto (Zento). Faction, after taking one of the cities, can place vendors on the markets, and make the city protection stronger by hiring guards, which will attack soldiers from the opposite faction.

Faction The Mags - in Moonglow now (new location).

Battle for the cities

Thief must steal the city stone with the Stealing skill (not less than 70), and bring it to his base. It is necessary to store the city stone on the table for 10 hours. If the players of opposite faction return the city stone, then for you it is necessary to begin all again. If you open the city stone, you must deliver it into the city for 1 hour. If you do not return the ball on her place in the city, then capture will not be accomplished.

The cities capture occurs only on Saturday and Sunday.

Control of cities and factions

Once per month are begin elections on the leaders of factions. Elections occur by the voting of all players for each fraction. Voting occurs on the faction stones. Each faction has its own stone. Before the beginning of voting you can advance your candidature on the leader of faction.

Faction Leader functions:

1. To appoint Sheriffs for each town. (Sheriff can hire the town guards)
2. To appoint Finance Ministers for each town. (Minister can place vendors on the market and hire the city merchants (NPC))
3. Transferring silver from PVP into the treasury of city and how much will obtain the player.

You are fired - release fractional NPC.

Sheriff functions:

Sheriff can hire the town guards.

I am Sheriff - this command makes possible for the sheriff of city to done his official duties, as for example - hire guards of the fraction.
Orders - "Attack [faction]" - guards attack select faction member.
Orders - Follow - follow and protect.
Orders - "Ignore [faction]"
Orders - "Patrol"
Orders - "Warn [faction]" - guards alert about drawing near select faction member.

Finance Minister functions:

1. Finance Minister can place vendors on the town market (Vendors on markets is not disappear with the change the city government).
2. Finance Minister can hire the city merchants (NPC). Also Minister can increase/decrease the prices on the city merchants. These merchants also sell reagents and faction horses.

I wish to access the city treasury - access to the city financial options.
You are fired - delete the faction NPC

Faction Silver and Points

Factional silver can be earned, by killing players from the opposite faction, than stronger the player and than more you were able to damage him, those more silver you will obtain.
All silver in the treasury of the city you can looked in the sheriffs menu (I am Sheriff). With the recapture of city this sum is not reduced to zero.

Silver is used for the following purposes:

1. If you has 1000 silver coins, you can purchase to yourselves a combat horse.
2. Sheriffs buy protection for the cities.
3. It is required for the production of the factional traps.

PUNKTE - the command to find the number of your faction points on the character.
Check your rank you on their fractional Stone fractions.


Guild can belong only to one of the factions, or be neutral. The players from another fraction cannot enter the guild. After entering the guild, it is possible only removed faction, but it cannot be replaced. If guild changes faction, then all players in the guild automatically change faction.

How change the faction?

When you beginning your game, you has a neutral side. If you want to join one of the factions, find the faction stones.

To leave the faction, just say: "i renounce my faction player status".

If you want to leave the faction it is necessary to wait 3 days, after which it is possible again to enter any faction.


The players of opposite factions cannot produce positive actions above you (for example: heal by the magic and by the bandages and etc.). If you attack the player from opposite faction into gvardzone, you will not become the crime. Prices in NPC in the captured cities, for the players from the opposite faction, are much higher. If player from the opposite faction killed you, your skills will decrease for 2 minutes.

"I honor your leadership" - if you has 10 or more points, that by this command you can transmit the part of your points to another player from your faction. You will lose 5 points, but the recipient will obtain 4 points, 1 point will be lost with the transfer.


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