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Weekly Tournaments:

Prizes for a victory in tournaments:
Saturday 21:00:
1 place - 15 crones
2 place - "The instrument for construction of the house";
3 place - "The Potion - acceleration 500% for growth all skills of 60 mines".

The following spells are prohibited:
MarkSpell, RecallSpell, GateTravelSpell, PolymorphSpell, SummonDaemonSpell, AirElementalSpell, EarthElementalSpell, EnergyVortexSpell, WaterElementalSpell, BladeSpiritsSpell, SummonCreatureSpell, PoisonFieldSpell, EnergyFieldSpell, WallOfStoneSpell, ParalyzeFieldSpell, FireFieldSpell

VengefulSpiritSpell, SummonFamillarSpell, LichForm

AnimalFormSpell, MirrorImageSpell


GiftOfLifeSpell, SummonFeySpell, NatureFurySpell, SummonFiendSpell

Tournament rules:
1. To participate the tournament you must have bank check for 10'000 gp in your characters backpack.
2. The portals that teleport players to the tournament arena are located in towns; exact location of those portals is announced by staff.
3. The participants for the tournament are chosen randomly.
4. After the tournament starting announcement, the participants are brought into the arena and the fight starts and ends after one of the participants dies.
5. If the player is AFK / doesn't react on GM, - GM is authorized to move the idle players out of the arena zone.
6. The fighting winner is moved to the special winner-place, where reagent and arrow vendors are located.
7. If one of the fighting participants dies during the fight, the message "charname was killed" is shown and the fallen one is ressurected immediately. Defeated players should gather his belongings and leave the arena by: 1. special moongate; 2. if the player doesn't leave the arena through the moongate in 60 seconds, GM moves this player out of the arena zone.
8. The tournament proceeds until "last man standing".
9. Distribution of awards between winners. WMZ-prizes are transferred up to 3 days.

Those rules may be changed and updated!


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