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Double Domination
Action takes place:
Every saturday at 21:00 (GMT +3).

Rules and basic concepts:
Teams in game: 2.
Time of game: 45 minutes.
Participation fee: 1000 gold pieces in backpack.

Players with young status, players with skillsum less than 500 and players with less than 50 str cannot participate in the Double Domination.

Player should be dismounted, totally naked and without any items in backpack, except tournament fee. If player doesn't have enough money - he can't go to the tournament. If player has any items in backpack or pets with him - items are placed in bankbox and pets - to stables.
Team distribution occurs randomly.

Objective: to capture and hold as long as possible 2 waypoints.
As soon as both waypoints are captured by one team - it should be held for 10 seconds, after which team will gain 1 point. After scoring waypoints disappear for 20 seconds.

If you die, you're automatically ressurected with a delay of 30 seconds in a special room, not accessible from tournament arena without any equipment. You can take equipment by using special equipment-stones, that generate equipment depending on your skills.
Crafters get ingots and leather.
When ready, you proceed to the arena through special moongate.
Contact inside team takes place through command "[t" or "[team", for example "[t I'm being attacked from the right flank!"

For each waypoint player is awarded with 10 personal points. For each death player lose 3 personal points. After end of the game player from winner's team who has most personal points is awarded with 25000 gold pieces and a statue saying for example "Jeremy from Red Team the Best Player of Double Domination 03.12.2007". Other members of the winners team receive 1000 gp. Losers get nothing.

Forbidden spells:
MarkSpell, RecallSpell, GateTravelSpell, PolymorphSpell, SummonDaemonSpell, AirElementalSpell, EarthElementalSpell, EnergyVortexSpell, FireElementalSpell, WaterElementalSpell, BladeSpiritsSpell, SummonCreatureSpell, PoisonFieldSpell, EnergyFieldSpell, WallOfStoneSpell, ParalyzeFieldSpell, FireFieldSpell

VengefulSpiritSpell, WitherSpell, SummonFamillarSpell, LichForm

AnimalFormSpell, MirrorImageSpell


GiftOfLifeSpell, SummonFeySpell, NatureFurySpell, SummonFiendSpell


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