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Damage type
All weapons and magical spells can apply one of five types of damage: Phisycal, Fire, Cold, Poison and Energy. Consequently, all creatures, including also the players, have 5 types of the resistances. Each type of monsters is unique in its characteristics. For example: fire elemental will be invulnerable for the fire attacks, but it is extremely sensitive to cold. Players will also have the natural resistance, but the armors will ensure the best protection from physical attacks, whose parameters depends on type of material.

Weapon and armor from some metals besides that can apply the physical damage and protection from it, they bring and reflect the elemental damages. And do not forget about the poisoned weapon and "infectious strike" ability.

With the magery skill it is possible to apply all 5 types of the damages:

Physical damage:
- Earthquake

Fire damage:
-Magic Arrow
-Fire Field

Cold damage:
-Mind Blast

Poison damage:
-Poison Field

Energy damage:
-Energy Bolt
-Chain Lightning


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