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Action takes place:
Every sunday at 21:00 (GMT +3).

CTF (Capture The Flag) - tournament-game, that welcomes any character ingame (Warrior or Crafter - doesn't matter).

The very core of the game is to breakthrough to opposite base and capture opposite flag and securely bring it back to base. After stealing the flag, player has 3 minutes to bring it back to own base, else - player dies and flag returns back to base.
For every flag team scores 15 points.
Game lasts for 45 minutes.

If dead, you're automatically ressurected with a delay of 30 seconds in a special room, not accessible from tournament arena without any equipment. You can take equipment by using special equipment-stones, that generate equipment depending on your skills. When ready, you proceed to the arena through special moongate.
Team speaking occurs through command "[t" or "[team", for example "[t Cover me! I'm being attacked!"

Tournament participation fee - 1000 gps.

Players with young status, players with skillsum less than 500 and players with less than 50 str cannot participate in the CTF-tournament.

Player should be dismounted, totally naked and without any items in backpack, except tournament fee. If player doesn't have enough money - he can't go to the tournament. If player has any items in backpack or pets with him - items are placed in bankbox and pets - to stables.
Team distribution occurs randomly.

List of restricted spells:
MarkSpell, RecallSpell, GateTravelSpell, PolymorphSpell, SummonDaemonSpell, AirElementalSpell, EarthElementalSpell, EnergyVortexSpell, FireElementalSpell, WaterElementalSpell, BladeSpiritsSpell, SummonCreatureSpell, PoisonFieldSpell, EnergyFieldSpell, WallOfStoneSpell, ParalyzeFieldSpell, FireFieldSpell

VengefulSpiritSpell, WitherSpell, SummonFamillarSpell, LichForm

AnimalFormSpell, MirrorImageSpell


GiftOfLifeSpell, SummonFeySpell, NatureFurySpell, SummonFiendSpell


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