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Chivalry is the main ability of the Paladin. With it, and the Book of Chivalry, a Paladin can evoke a number of abilities that can improve his prowess on the battlefield. The Book of Chivalry is the Paladin's spellbook by which the Chivalry Spells are cast. To use these special powers effectively, you must develop your skill in the art of Chivalry, and like any skill in one's repertoire, Chivalry requires the availability of skill points. Diligence and hard work are the keys to being a successful Paladin - the more proficient you are in Chivalry, the more powers you will be able to tap into and use against the dark powers that threaten the balance of the world. A Book of Chivalry can be purchased from a Keeper of Chivalry. Keepers of Chivalry are only located in the City of Luna, near the Luna moongate.

There are, however, additional requirement for the successful use of the skill of Chivalry, namely tithing and karma.

A Paladin must donate, or tithe, gold at certain ankhs to gain "tithing points." As with reagents for magery spells, these tithing points are consumed by each Chivalry spell cast. There is no limit on the frequency at which a Paladin tithes. There is, however, an upper limit of 100,000 tithing points; donations beyond the limit are returned to the character's backpack.

And as with reagents, the cost in tithing points per spell is lowered by Lower Reagent Cost (LRC) items. The spells require varying amount of tithing points to cast/use. The base cost per spell use is listed in the Book of Chivalry; the actual cost subsequent to LRC reduction must be calculated by the player.

Paladins are spiritual warriors. The divine powers that a Paladin relies upon are affected by the amount of karma a player has. Karma influences every spell cast by a Paladin, save for Sacred Journey.

For Close Wounds and Noble Sacrifice it is the amount of damage healed. The amount of fire damage incurred when Cleanse by Fire is cast is lessened if the caster has high Karma. The chance of a successful Remove Curse or Dispel Evil is affected by caster's Karma. The duration of Consecrate Weapon, Divine Fury, and Enemy of One is affected by Karma. And finally, the amount of damage dealt by Holy Light is affected by Karma.

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