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Transfer Character
How to transfer on our server of Ultima Online from one account on another? Very simply!
It is required to you for this purpose Character Transfer Deed (a roll for carrying over) and a new account (with anything a new character).

Carrying over process is absolutely independent:

1. Come in that character into game which will transfer.
2. Click two times a roll for carrying over (Character Transfer Deed should lie at you in backpack).
3. Answer by turns questions which will appear at the left in the bottom of the game screen. If you hadn't time to read a question, open journal on gray panel (in the same place where button "Map").

What will the system ask you and what you will need to write?
- The password from it character (which have come also which will translate)
- A mail box - an e-mail from this yours character.
- An account name on which transfer character.

If all your answers correct, your character is transfered at once on other account.

Character Transfer Deed - it is possible to get in the game:

TheAbyss: Ultima Online - Private Office in game


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