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Anatomy can be used in three ways:
1. Passively increases the combat damage you deal.
2. Heals or adds to healing yourself, some NPC's, or other players.
3. Actively check the Dexterity and Strength of another player, animal, or monster.

Damage Increase

  • At 30 skill you receive 15% damage increase.
  • At 50 skill you receive 25% damage increase.
  • At 80 skill you receive 40% damage increase.
  • At 100 skill you receive 55% damage increase.
  • At 120 skill you receive 65% damage increase.

This bonus is subject to a skill check with each strike dealt. If you fail the check, you don't get the bonus.


To Cure with Bandages you need 60.0 anatomy and healing, and to Resurrect you need 80.0 anatomy and healing. Anatomy adds (your skill level divided by 6) to the amount you can heal.

Assessing others

To use your Anatomy skill to assess the physical characteristics of an animal, monster or other player - Click the blue gem next to the skill on your skill list, then target the monster, animal or player with your cursor.

If successful, you are given information on the target's stamina reserves, as well as information on their strength and dexterity based on the following table:

Dexterity Message
Strength Message
"like they barely manage to stay standing." "like they would have trouble lifting small objects."
"Very clumsy." "Rather Feeble."
"Somewhat uncoordinated." "Somewhat weak."
"Moderately dextrous." "To be of normal strength."
"Somewhat agile." "Somewhat strong."
"Very agile." "Very strong."
"Extremely agile." "Extremely strong."
"Extraordinarily agile." "Extraordinarily strong."
"Moves like quicksilver." "Strong as an ox."
"One of the fastest people you have ever seen." "One of the strongest people you have ever seen."
"Superhumanly agile." "Superhumanly strong."

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