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Account recovery
If you have not used your accounts for more than a year on our server, there is a real chance that your account has been deleted.

To restore accounts, write E-mail to the Administration, specify your accounts and the time of the last call (year, month). After checking the availability of such accounts, you can order their recovery.

Since the recovery process takes a lot of time and effort, we were forced to do such prices.

20 1 char + all his items + 1 pet
40 2 chars + all their items + 1 naked char + 2 pets
60 3 chars + all their items + 2 naked char + 3 pets
Or: 1 char + all his items and homes items + home (or gp for construction of the castom house) + 3 pets.
Recovery only characters without items
10 1-2 chars without items + bonus 2kk gp
15 3-4 chars without items + bonus 3kk gp
20 5-8 chars without items + 2 bonus: 5kk gp and 1 CuSidhe

What characteristics of the char will be restored:
- Cr
- any name, if it is not already occupied
- StatsCap and SkillsCap
- all skills and characteristics
- PS is given for skills above 100
- Karma and Fame

What things will be restored:
All especially valuable things dressed in a char, from his backpack and bank:
- GP, Cr etc.
- artifacts
- any premium personal items received by this char
- rare decoration
- Some especially valuable crafting things as agreed with the administration
- Pets and balls for them (without ties)
- a variety of things can be restored from home, if paid accordingly

Will not be restored:
- resources (ore, boards, reagents, potions and other small insignificant items)
- can not be restored New Year greeting cards and other personal items, issued automatically by the server
- another's items (Named items), donated to your char: especially for non-standard things.

In order for your accounts and all property not to vanish (and homes), you can freeze your account for any period by writing about it to the Administration.
Freezing 1 account = 5 cr.

Recovery Abyss Shroud: 5 cr per 1 property.


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