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About this shard
The Abyss UO Kingdom Reborn RUNUO is a Ultima Online: High Seas game server that works on OSI emulation and is a next evolutional step of oldest free shards "CSD Oskom", "UO:Abyss".
Modern technical equipment of the server and new graphical engine of the game client combined with many years work expirience on Ultima Online shards guarantee you many delicious hours in renewed world of Ultima Online: High Seas.

We work to make this world for You. And each new player helps to make our world the best.

With best regards, administration of "The Abyss UO Kingdom Reborn" server.

Technical information about server:
Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 (2x2.60GHz)
Memory: 64 Gb

Platform: Windows 2008 Server, "Abyss Kingdom Reborn" Server v.1.95
3D UO: High Seas or Time of Legends clients
2D UO: High Seas or Time of Legends clients.

LoginServer: uokr.theabyss.ru
Port: 7777.

You can free download all version clients in Files.

Let's celebrate together :)


updated once a day

Donation: 65%

Target: advertisement

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